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About Tambuzi

“Tambuzi is an ethically run business with one simple goal – to produce the very finest garden scented roses that money can buy. Tambuzi has a range of over 50 carefully selected varieties of roses – each one chosen for their exceptional colour, scent and shape.”

“For over 20 years, Tambuzi have been specialists in the production of traditional scented garden roses. Our philosophy means that we are not simply interested in the productivity and vase life of a rose but also its beauty and charm.”

“In the mid 1990s, Tim and Maggie Hobbs – a young and dynamic couple with Kenyan roots, came across a beautiful, derelict farm on the foot hills of Mount Kenya only miles from the equator. The 64 hectare farm, originally a dairy and beef farm, was up for sale and with its perfect conditions for growing roses the Hobbs bought and developed it into what it is today: a specialist supplier of traditional garden scented roses- the only one in Kenya.”

“Today, Tambuzi has 25 hectares under horticultural production, with the rest dedicated to sustainable forestry, bee keeping, vegetables and livestock. It is also home to Tim, Maggie and their three young children. Tambuzi is a company driven not just for profit but with the intention of improving the world around it. The company’s strapline ‘stop and smell the roses’ sends a simple message – to slow down, notice and enjoy everything around you. The company strongly believes in the concept of shared values, and it considers the welfare of its employees and the neighbouring communities to be part of its strength.”

Tambuzi uses the best practice methods possible to ensure that there are no negative impacts on the integrity of the environment. Tambuzi is proud to be one of only five ‘gold’ certified members of the Kenya Flower Council.”